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Eating Water Tank Waterproofing

A / Step I: Concrete Processing
Waterproof Surface preparation: Concrete Coating remove impurities and excess grip on the floor, concrete walls. Steel toilet brush, a place the necessary ground for floors and walls clean, flat. The place concrete walls are porous, while pouring concrete and the rock stratum adjacent joints and pour concrete before then (if any). Reprocessed by chisel out the concrete floor was a clear, clean, scan, or connect Sika Monotop
610, Sika Latex TH, filling it with plaster mortar Sika Dur 731 pour grout or mortar does not shrink high strength, make sure to compact the concrete, as the case specific location. Surface patching floors and walls to ensure strength, without a disability. All the iron tree, iron wall hole punched company into concrete used to remove welding machine, filling plaster Sika Latex TH, Sika MonoTop R or Sikadur 731 or sealed. Bo back to the corner wall, feet on poles 15 to 20 cm mortar additives, waterproofing Sika Latex TH if necessary. Cleaning the entire construction area again no dust contamination. Saturation of the entire construction area of ​​moisture but not to standing water on the floors. The distance of time scanning each layer waterproof least 90 minutes, depending on the weather.

B / Step II: Choose the product for waterproofing
1 / 107 Sikatop Seal
Scan 2 layers or 3 layers Sika Top Seal 107 two-component elastomeric waterproofing penetration. Waterproof cement mortar base polymer improved two components, the product is constructed on the surface of mortar and concrete to prevent water infiltration. Seal 107 Products SiKaTop application pool items, pools, basements, retaining walls, balconies, will try, toilet, terrace, roof floor. Seal 107 SikaTop two components have been quantified available, easy to mix, is like a lake of oil viscosity, ease of application. SiKaTop Seal 107 has very good adhesion to the surface of compact, waterproof, layer is effective resistance against carbonation process. 107 Sikatop seal non-toxic, non-abrasive, finishing concrete gray offering tong.Mix Sikatop seal 107 in the normal case, when the entire second mixing ingredients together in a clean bucket, pour into Part A before stir and pour slowly into the liquid component B into and still need to stir with a low-speed electric mixer (about 500 rounds / minute) will form a viscous oil tank. For the background: Once you have saturated the entire construction area of ​​moisture but not to standing water on the platform. For a smooth surface and smooth vertical wall when the surface is saturated with a certain interval to limit the humidity makes a good waterproof hon.Thi scan the first coat to dry frozen products after about 6 hours (depending on weather) before scanning the second layer. The third layer is the same as above. SiKaTop
Seal 107 not usually need maintenance, but also carry out preventive measures if the location of construction influenced directly under the sun or windy places.

2 / Trowel mix Sika Latex / Sika Latex TH
Sika Latex is an emulsion Styrene butadiene improvement is mixed with cement grout or sand to increase the adhesion and resistance to penetration, is senior additives and waterproofing agent noi.Lop latex and oil tank . Thin plaster patching. Stucco wall waterproofing layer. Waterproof plaster base personnel, anti-wear. Concrete repair mortar. Tile grout. Stucco building. Sika Latex excellent adhesion, superior waterproofing, reduce shrinkage, increase elasticity, chemical resistance, non-toxic, waterproof suitable for drinking water tanks.

Mix materials to primed connected:

Use 1 liter of Sika Latex TH + 1 liter water + cement = 4 Kg oil tank scan Latex connection.

Scan Latex oil tank connected to the entire area TH waterproof construction (note primed latex oil tank connected to what must be waterproof latex paint mixing right there).

Mix the plaster material for waterproofing warrants:

Rate of 1 + 3 sand cement mix

Rate of 1 liter of Sika latex TH + 3 liters of water and mix.

Use a latex component of Sika TH components mixed into the sand ready-mix cement, mix until achieving satisfactory plastic consistency. Conducting layer of waterproof mortar when mixed oil tank connection class students also uot.Ve wall surface, the concrete inside, clean out the tank before hand giao.Neu hot weather, windy maintenance must be conducted to prevent mortar from drying too soon. In the case of waterproofing for underground structures such as the pool is always wet .... Should be waterproof plaster to dry latex a week before discharge into the use of works permanently

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