Lemax 100

Lemax 100

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Crystallization Admixture Lemax 100 is a waterproofing cementations, which integral to parts of concrete to form a crystallization process. Lemax 100’s chemical agents will react with water, a non soluble crystalline was then generated throughout the capillary voids in the concrete. This crystalline is highly resistant to water, and it performs well even under extreme conditions such as pressures or aggressive chemicals. Lemax 100 is also recommended for use in minor repair to concrete structure. Cracks or voids up to a width of 1.0 millimeter can be seal up anytime by using Lemax 100, to form a crystallization process.Waterproofing



Test Results


Water Permeability Test (mm)


DIN 1048 - 1991 part 5

Compressive Strength (7 d), N/mm2
Compressive Strength (28 d), N/mm2


BS 1881 Part 125 & 116
BS 1881 Part 125 & 116

Water content (%m/m)



Non-volatile content (%m/m)



Chloride content (%m/m)


BS 5075:Part 1

Total sulphur content (%m/m)



Dosage of Lemax 100 in every batch of concrete shall go by percentage of volume in m3. A guidelines is recommended below for the percentage dosage rates of Lemax 100 admixture to the cementitious Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and Reactive Pozzolans (e.g.: reactive fly ash) content of the concrete.



Lemax 100 can be added into concrete either in concrete batch plant or concrete mixing trucks. The dosage of Lemax 100 shall follow consultant’s specification or refer to

Lemax Products representatives.

Lemax 100 admixture to be weigh accordingly. In concrete batch plant, it is recommend that the Lemax 100 shall be added lastly into concrete after discharge of cement, sands and aggregates, a through mix between 5 to 10 minutes is encouraged.

The same method applied to concrete mixing truck. Lemax 100 can be added into concrete mixing truck on site. Lemax 100 to be add into concrete mixing truck and allow for 5 to 10 minutes for a through mix.

It is recommend that the amount of water shall be determined during the trial mix stage as Lemax 100 admixture will typically reduce the amount of water required by 5 to 20 liters per cubic meter.

The amount of water required in the concrete mix design can be adjusted accordingly to trial mix result, under the approval of the consultants.

Lemax 100 admixtures also act as a plasticiser. Therefore, no other commercial plasticiser is recommend to a concrete mix design using Lemax 100.

Water is an important agent to form crystallization process. Initially, water will access to concrete through porous portion of concrete surface. Lemax 100 Admixture will then react with water and crystallization process grows. This process should grow continuously to throughout the depth of concrete. Therefore, curing is very important to concrete to avoid “dehydrate’ to it.


Concrete added with Lemax 100 Admixture may retard the setting time of concrete, subject to different mix design. Therefore, a trial mix is encouraged to carry out to determine the setting time, and also the workability of concrete. The setting time can be determined during trial mix; while the workability of concrete can be determined by a slump test to concrete. The design mix and trial mix should approved by the consultants.


The central line of all construction joints must be embedded with waterstop before pouring of concrete allowed. The contractors shall refer to the consultants for the dimensions of waterstop.