Lemax MultiSeal

Lemax MultiSeal

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Lemax Multiseal is a total waterproofing system that blend of silicate and surfactants capable of making the concrete hardener, oil proof, acid resistant and waterproof. It is able to make itself become the integral part of the concrete and still letting the concrete to breathe.
Lemax Multiseal works in a way seeping down through the pores and capillaries of the concrete about 5 - 20 mm deep (depending on concrete mix). The deeper the penetration the more effective the treatment.
Lemax Multiseal reacts with the lime in the concrete to form a hard, insoluble gel within the pores, thus closing small voids. Unlike surface coating, Lemax Multiseal treatment is not worn down by heavy traffic or even in a high thermal stress environment.
Lemax Multiseal is successfully used in roof and car park and exposed roof that have high thermal stress in such roof, the problematic area where construction joints, honey combs and cracks occurs were due to high thermal stress. These leakage areas can be easily treated by Lemax Multiseal. After removing the honeycombs, groove the crack and construction joints.
These to be patched up by Lemax 600 mortar and after that spray over with Lemax Multiseal at the rate of 5m² per liter  per coat and  to allow the Lemax Multiseal to be absorbed into the concrete surfaces.


- Dustproofing plant floors, walkways and driveways.

- Oil proofing concrete storage tanks for mineral and vegetable oils, floors, driveway and service stations.

- Roof and car park roof.

- Resistant to brackish water, mineral acids, organic acids and moisture.

- Waterproofing concrete walls, floors, concrete blocks and cement asbestos pipes.

- Allows for high pedestrian traffic areas.

- Concrete wharf areas.

- Water holding vessels.

- Swimming pool.

- Expansion joint sealing for high traffic areas.



Section name Attributes
Pproduct Name Lemax Multiseal

Opaque colourless liquid

Boiling Point






Specific Gravity


Odour Alkaline, Slight Chlorine
Vapour Pressure N/A
Water Compatibilty Complete
Dry Time

4 Hours 25oC 75% RH

Permeablity / Mse 0.3 X 10 – AS 1012.2 - 1994

- Areas to be treated with Lemax Multiseal should be cleaned i.e. oils and greases removed.
- Lemax Multiseal should be covered over an areas of 5 m² to one liter of the product.
- Lemax Multiseal shall only be applied on 30 days old concrete. This is because less penetration will occur in concrete less than 30 days due to the excessive calcium hydrates being present.
- Lemax Multiseal can also be applied as a curing agent. If Lemax Multiseal is used as curing agent then a second treatment after the 30 days waiting after the 30 days waiting period recommended.
- Spray only on concrete which is dry.
- Day 1 - Allow 4 - 6 hours for Lemax Multiseal to dry then hose off with water.
- Day 2 - Hose down the Lemax Multiseal again with water.
- Day 3 - Hose down the Lemax Multiseal again with water.