Lemax Primer

Lemax Primer

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Lemax Primer is used as a primer, sealer and bonding agent to prepared floor surfaces prior to the application of waterproofing membrane & wall coating system.



Lemax Primer is recommended for the following application:

- To prime and used as a bonding agent on smooth concrete finishes.

- To reduce dust and increase abrasion resistance of the substrate.

- To used as a bonding agent to old concrete floor.

- To use as a pore sealer on rough porous concrete to eliminate air bubbles appearing.


Toxicity : Non Toxic

Flash Point : Non Flammable

Appearance : Clear

Coverage : 5 to 8 m2 / L

Drying Time : 20 min

Specific Gravity : 1.02 kg/L

Lemax Primer should be applied by brush, roller or spray.
Surface Preparation:
-   Ensure the surface is dry and clean and free from curing compound.
-   No chipping of the surface is required if the condition is stable.
-   Any contamination including commercial detergents used for cleaning must be rinsed off with water.


Lemax Primer is available in 20 litres pail. When stored under normal room conditions, shelf life up to 12 months for Lemax Primer in unopened containers. This material is subject to damage by frost and should be stored at temperatures between 5ºCto 40ºC.