TF 303

TF 303

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TF 303

Thomsit-Floor®, 3 mm
Universal footfall damping underlay, 3 mm, under many types of flooring

High reduction of impact sound but low installation height

Low-odour PUR granulate with a highquality binder

Low weight per unit area facilitates work

Polished surface finish to create a perfectly smooth top covering

Thomsit TF 303, with additional thermal insulation properties, is an underlay used for damping impact noise (footfall sound) under 
–     bonded resilient flooring, e.g. PVC, CV, PO,  inoleum(min. thickness 3.2 mm), rubber
–     bonded and stretched textile flooring
–     bonded or floating wood flooring.
Thomsit TF 303 can also be used on raw concrete floors, screeds and screeded wooden floorboards as well as on many service floors, including e. g. PVC, flex tiles, stone and ceramic floors, sealed wood flooring.