Thomsit R 755

Thomsit R 755

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Two component epoxy resin primer for mineral substrates and non absorbent substrates such as mastic asphalt screeds, stone, tile, metals and in particular for floors subject to high loading. Proven product for problem substrates, as a barrier against retained construction moisture in concrete, cement & sand screeds up to max. 6 % CM. Does not replace waterproofing measures specified in DIN 18195, Part 5 (or national equivalents)

Highly efficient barrier against residual moisture
Highly load resistant
Excellent adhesion
Suitable for reconstruction of PAHC contaminated substrates.
Very low emission


  Component A Component B
Supplied as liquid liquid
Colour bright yellow yellow-brown
Density approx. 1.1 kg/l approx. 1.0 kg/l
Mixing ratio A:B 5:2 parts by weight  
Coverage if applied by lambskin roller - approx. 300 g/m2 per coat
Pot life 30 - 40 min
Curing time at least 12 hrs
Temperature resistance
- after curing: up to max. 80 °C
- for transport and: -20°C to 50°C
Shelf life 12 months in a cool and dry place
Packaging tin canister 7 kg / 5 kg 2 component
The above times are based on normal climatic conditions (23°C / 50% rel. humidity). Other climatic conditions can result in a lengthening or reductionin curing and drying times.

Subfloors should comply the test criteria of ATV DIN 18 365 "Floorcovering work" or ATV DIN 18 356 "Parquet flooring work", BS CP 8204 and 8201 or comparable national standards. In particular they must be clean, free from structural defects, firm, permanently dry and free of release agents. Remove any old residues of adhesive, levelling compound and floorcoverings using mechanical equipment. Brush and vacuum concrete floors. Remove any laitance. Always grind sulphate screeds (with sandpaper, grain size 16) and vacuum clean. Sand-blast or mill magnesite composite screeds. Strip metals, stone and tile floors with Thomsit PRO 40 and grind if necessary. When using R 755 as a barrier against residual construction moisture ensure the subfloor is clean (by shotblasting/milling) of any surface contamination.


The primer is supplied in a 2 component combi canister (resin and hardener). Component A is in the base of the canister, component B in the lid. Punch several holes through the plastic lug and bottom of the lid with a long screwdriver or similar pointed tool. Slightly lift the lid and allow the hardener to flow completely into the lower canister. In some countries the primer is supplied in two seperate pails. In this case, pour the hardner (component B) into the resin (component A). Afterwards, mix the 2 components thoroughly for at least 2 minutes, using a hand drill with mixer attachment. Apply a generous coat of Thomsit R 755 with a lambskin roller. When used as a barrier against capillary rise of moisture or residual moisture in concrete floors and cement screeds, a second coat is always necessary. After the first coat has cured - but after 48 hours at the latest, apply the second coat crosswise. Sprinkle the fresh priming coat with fire-dried quartz sand (grain size 0.3-0.7 mm; at least 2 kg/m2). When the primer is used as a moisture barrier, only sprinkle the second coat.


– Do not install floor coverings at floor temperatures below 15°C or at a relative humidity above 75 %.
– Do not scrape product remains from the canister.
– Clean the tools immediately after use with Thomsit R 733.
Pot life and curing time of the primer depend on the temperature. They will be shorter at higher temperatures and longer at lower temperatures