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Construction of the underground (basement, subway corridors ...), in dams (dams, irrigation) the inevitable leakage of water, although the consultancy units set accounting device used to keep water out of joints, stop construction circuit (PVC Waterstop, Bentonite waterstop, rubber ice water swelling resistance ...), even works using two panels to keep water in a joints.

In addition, water leakage also occurs in the position quality is not good to pour concrete (formwork openings, loose dress), structural concrete cracks appear, some hydropower projects when electricity, water spray into the unit causing massive damage.

Currently works in developed countries could not avoid this phenomenon, the measures used to treat water leakage is swelling chemical pump (PU) into the cracks and holes in concrete concrete, the chemical when the thyroid swells from 10 to 30 times the volume

The most difficult process is adjacent to the water leak under pressure when the pump PU glue is not freezing up, water was pushed out, in addition to a number of positions to use more chemicals to the expansion PU low to prevent water penetration through the PU does not have the high-swelling

In recent years we have made the handling of leaks in many projects, especially hydro-electric roller compacted concrete RCC, infiltration dams in the corridor, the walls of factories, dams joints


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